Monday, June 28, 2010

WFP annouces Capital Region endorsements


ALBANY - The Working Families Party today announced 27 endorsements in the Capital Region, after an intensive screening and endorsement process.

“We look at the records of all the candidates in each race and endorse the ones who will put working families first when it counts,” said Karen Scharff of the Capital Region WFP “Voters know that when it comes to cleaning up Albany and standing up for the middle-class, candidates endorsed by the Working Families Party are on their side."

Across the state, more than 400 candidates applied for the Working Families Party endorsement. Party members and volunteers conducted hundreds of in-person candidate interviews, asking each candidate their views on issues like fair taxes, green jobs, campaign finance reform and workers rights.

In 2008, the WFP received 159,613 votes on its ballot line, “Row E,” for Barack Obama. The WFP polled over 210,000 votes across the state for its Congressional nominees.

The endorsements are as follows (additional endorsements may be announced in the future):






Scott Murphy



Paul D. Tonko



Didi Barrett



Joanne Yepsen



Sue Savage



Neil D. Breslin



John J. McEneny



Angelo Santabarbara



Ron Canestrari



Timothy P. Gordon



Bob Reilley



BK Keramati

Town Council

East Greenbush

Philip Malone

Town Council


William Jennings

County Judge

Schenectady Co

Christine Clark


Town of Scotia

Jason Frament

Mayor Scotia

Town of Scotia

Kris Kastberg

Trustee, Scotia

Town of Scotia

Cathy Gatta

County Judge

Schenectady Co

Vincent Versaci


City of Schenectady

Mark Blanchfield

Town Council


Wayne Calder

County Clerk

Schenectady Co

John Woodward

Town Board


Ed Rosenberg


Town of Scotia

Joe Rizzo

County Judge

Greene Co

Dave Woodin

County Judge

Albany Co

Murray Carr

WFP endorses Murray Carr for Albany Co. surrogate court judge


ALBANY - The Working Families Party announced today the endorsement of Murray Carr for Albany County Surrogate’s Court Judge, citing his broad experience representing Albany County citizens.

Karen Scharff, Co-Chair of Capital District Working Families said: "Carr has an impressive record of experience as an attorney in all of the local trial courts. He has effectively represented county residents of all stripes, including working on behalf of the elderly and veterans."

Scharff also said Carr was "committed to running an impartial and fair court including distributing court appointments fairly and equitably to all qualified attorneys, and not limiting the bulk of fee-generating appointments to a small pool of attorneys."

“I am honored that the Working Families Party has selected me as their candidate for Albany County Surrogate Court Judge,” said Murray Carr. “I am pleased to continue the Working Families Party’s tradition of candidates with the knowledge, experience and integrity necessary for public office.”

Margaret Adkins (R) and Helena Heath-Roland (D) also applied for the WFP line.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working Families Party endorses Congressman Scott Murphy


June 23, 2010 -

Glens Falls, NY - Today the Working Families Party endorsed Scott Murphy for Congress in the 20th District of New York. This, following the endorsement from the Independence Party of New York, gives Murphy three lines on the ballot in November and is a clear sign that he has broad support that crosses party lines.

"I am honored to accept the endorsement of the Working Families Party," said Rep. Murphy. "I pledge to continue fighting to ease the burden on New York's small businesses and middle class families so we can work together to renew the Upstate economy."

Karen Scharff, co-chair of the Capital Region Chapter of the Working Families Party said:

"The WFP is supporting Scott Murphy because he supports working families when it counts. Scott stood up to Big Oil and voted for landmark clean energy legislation. He stood up to the health insurance lobbyists and voted for health care reform that will give tax credits to 15,000 businesses in this district and give health coverage for the first time to 20,000 people. We need to send Scott back to Washington to keep fighting for middle class New Yorkers."

Domenici recieves key conservative endorsement in senate bid


Republican Bob Domenici, candidate to represent the 46th district in the New York State Senate today announced that he has received the Conservative endorsement from the Albany County Conservative Committee.

“I am pleased to have received the endorsement of the Albany County Conservative Party,” Domenici said. “Together, we will bring positive change to state government.”

“It is a pleasure to have a real "Conservative Candidate who supports Family Values, Good Government and Fiscal responsibility, "said Albany County Conservative Chairman Richard Stack.

Domenici, a service disabled veteran, is the founder and CEO of a small business called Strategic Response Initiatives, LLC, a Homeland Security and Department of Defense based company, which operates out of the US Army Watervliet Arsenal in Albany County.

Pointing to his plan of restoring New York, Domenici said he will focus on placing a cap on property taxes and replenishing and expanding the STAR Program. Domenici also pointed out the importance of job growth and providing incentives to small businesses that stay in Albany County and penalizing those who send jobs off-shore.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University's School of Law, New York State government is the most dysfunctional in the nation.

“Suggestions made in the Brennan report need to be implemented immediately,” Domenici said. “We are seeing our state government slip further and further into debt. Our leaders cannot agree on passing the budget and the men and women of our state workforce have been threatened with layoffs. I ask you, is this leadership?” “The days of three men in a room are numbered. It’s time to change the way Albany does business for good. It is time to remove career politicians like Neil Breslin from office, so that the interests of the people are on the front burner and not that of the political leaders,” Domenici added.

“Neil Breslin has been a dismal failure for the residents of 46th Senate district; a recipient of Ned Paterson ACLU award and his flip flopping on charter schools show his lack of conviction to any sort of principal,” added Stack. “He was acting Speaker the day the New York State Senate came to a screeching halt and Mr. Breslin showed his total lack of knowledge and was directly involved in the crises which could have been averted.”

“Albany is in serious need of a makeover,” said Domenici. “It begins with removing career politicians like Neil Breslin, who have mismanaged our state’s finances with failed tax and spend polices, that have ultimately bankrupted New York State. The time has to come to return government back into the hands of the people.”

Retired from the US Army after 22 years of active military service as a Lieutenant Colonel, Domenici is a recipient of the Legion of Merit and The New York State Conspicuous Service Cross as well as numerous other awards and decorations. His assignments included Commander, 2nd Weapons of Mass Destruction (Antiterrorism) Civil Support Team, and Homeland Security Liaison Officer for the Division of Military and Naval Affairs.

Domenici resides in South Colonie with his wife Virginia. They have two sons Robert A., who is currently serving as a Sergeant in the 10th Mountain Division, Nicholas a high school student and one daughter Mary, who is studying to be a Register Nurse.

Martland pledges to support redistricting


(Albany – June 17, 2010) – State Senate candidate Luke Martland today announced that he has signed the NY Uprising pledge to support non-partisan independent drawing of legislative and congressional district boundaries.
NY Uprising announced on Wednesday the list of all candidates and officer holders who have signed the pledge.

“I am proud to have signed the NY Uprising pledge to put an end to gerrymandering and the pay to play corruption in Albany,” said Martland, a former prosecutor. Martland is the only candidate for State Senate in the 46th district, Albany County, who has signed the pledge.

New York Uprising, founded by former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, is a non-partisan coalition dedicated to reforming New York’s dysfunctional state government. It is led by Mayor Koch along with a Board of Trustees that includes former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former NYS Governor Mario Cuomo former NYS Comptroller Ned Regan, former US Congressman Herman Badillo, former Ambassador Felix Rohatyn, former Deputy Mayor Alair Townsend, former Deputy Mayor Rudy Washington and former Deputy Mayor John Zuccotti.

“I want to take this opportunity to once again encourage all legislators and challengers to show the voters who the true heroes of reform really are,” said Koch. “As voters pay closer attention to the upcoming race, they will have the opportunity to see who believes it is time to fix a broken system and who believes a dysfunctional system should continue.”

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli are two of the other 55 candidates and officer holders who have signed the NY Uprising Pledge.

Martland also supports term limits, full disclosure of outside income, independent oversight of the Legislature and other ethics reforms.

Domenici: Breslin's support will increase home heating costs for Capital Region residents


"By voting to support legislation that would mandate the reduction of sulfur content in #2 heating oil, Neil Breslin has showed how out of touch he is with Capital Region residents," said Republican New York State Senate candidate Bob Domenici. "Here we are in the midst of an economic crisis, Albany County residents are working two and three jobs to make ends meet and Senator Breslin has yet again turned his shoulder on Capital Region residents and sided with downstate liberals."

"Oil prices are already sky-rocketing out of control and many residents in
Albany County depend on oil to heat their homes," Domenici said. "I am not surprised that liberal Neil Breslin would support legislation that only assists those residents downstate, and ultimately hurts the hardworking men and women whom he represents in Albany County. This is just another example of how career politicians like Neil Breslin have lost touch with those he represents. This type of governing will stop on my watch," Domenici added.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vitollo withraws from 46th District Senate race


June 8, 2010 - With petition circulation beginning, Joseph Vitollo, the Conservative Party’s choice for New York State Senate today announced that he is withdrawing from the 46th District Senate race and throwing his support behind Republican candidate Bob Domenici of Colonie.

“Today, I am proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Republican, Bob Domenici and support him in his bid for New York State Senate,” said Vitollo. “Bob Domenici is Conservative in the 46th District Senate race that I encourage all Conservatives across Albany County to support.”

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Independence Party nominates Cuomo for governor


June 5, 2010 -Today, the members Independence Party voted overwhelmingly to nominate Andrew Cuomo and Robert Duffy for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Last month, the party’s executive committee voted unanimously to back Cuomo.

“I think the principles that founded the Independence Party are absolutely timely in this election because reform must come from the people. This is going to be a different kind of campaign. It’s not going to be about me -- it’s going to be about we. It’s not going to be about winning an election in November but about changing the direction of the state in January. We are going to build a citizen coalition of support for our agenda comprised of New Yorkers from all across the state who will demand change from their elected officials. I deeply appreciate the Independence Party’s support and look forward to working with them to build support for our agenda for reform,” Andrew Cuomo said.

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States largest grocery workers union endorses Kathleen Rice for AG


QUEENS VILLAGE, NY (06/04/2010)(readMedia)-- The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1500, New York State's largest grocery workers union has endorsed Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice for New York State attorney general today.

"Kathleen Rice has gone above and beyond her call of duty to fight for working people as a district attorney, and we know she'll do the same as New York's attorney general," said UFCW Local 1500 President Bruce W. Both. "Of all the candidates running, only District Attorney Rice has the experience and the record of directing a large staff of attorneys to take on large corporations and defend the public's right to fair wages, safe working conditions and fraud-free public spending. We wholeheartedly endorse District Attorney Rice for attorney general."

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Cuomo campaign statement on WFP


Cuomo campaign adviser Phil Singer issued the following statement regarding this weekend’s Working Families Party convention:

“The Working Families Party Convention is this weekend and we will not be submitting Andrew Cuomo's name for the nomination. There are several open issues that need to be considered, including but not limited to an ongoing Federal investigation as well as policy and procedural issues. We will revisit the question in September at which time there will be more information available.”

Day 3 of NY GOP convention


New York, New York... June 2, 2010 - During the final day of the New York State Republican Convention, Chataqua County Executive Greg Edwards was unanimously nominated as the Republican Party's candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Following the Edwards nomination, the State Committee men and women elected to send Bruce Blakeman and David Malpass to a primary in September, though Blakeman became the party's official designee, having received a majority in round 2 of the voting.

Rick Lazio, the Party's nominee for Governor, had chosen Greg Edwards as his running mate in May, so that Edwards' nomination solidifies the Lazio/Edwards ticket for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

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Lazio chosen as Republican nominee for governor


Manhattan, New York...June 2, 2010 - After receiving 59.6% of the designation vote, Rick Lazio became the official Republican Party designee and, subsequently, the Party's nominee for Governor, following a Wilson-Pakula vote in which Steve Levy acquired only 42% approval to run as a Republican for Governor on the September primary ballot. Mr. Levy needed at least 50% approval to appear on the primary ballot, having only officially switched parties back in February.

The four Republicans vying for the party's nomination for Governor received the following percentages for the party's designation vote: Myers Mermel - 4.36%; Carl Paladino - 7.89%;
Steve Levy 28.12 %; Rick Lazio 59.6.

"Rick's trajectory has continued on an upward swing and the sky is the limit as far as where he can take this party," said Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox. "I have said all along, Rick is a tremendous candidate and will make a fantastic Governor. The Republican Party is lucky to have Rick at the top of our ticket."

Bernsten to challenge Schumer


Manhattan, New York...June 1, 2010 - Having received approximately 62-percent of the vote, Gary Bernsten has been chosen as the official designee of the Republican Party for Senate to challenge Chuck Schumer in the fall. The voting concluded Day 1 of the New York Republican Party State Convention. After garnering approximately 38-percent of the vote, second-place finisher Jay Townsend qualified to appear on the primary ballot on September 14.

"Gary Bernsten is certainly a game changer," said State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox. "Given his incredible professional experience on the world stage and his foreign policy acumen, Bernsten is sure to become a leader in that arena in the Senate."

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Wilson nominated as Republican candidate for comptroller


Manhattan, New York...June 1, 2010 - On Day 1 of the New York Republican Party Convention, by a unanimous voice vote, Harry Wilson became the Party's nominee for Comptroller to face off against the unelected Democrat incumbent, Thomas DiNapoli.

"Our party is incredibly lucky to have found someone so well equipped to tackle the widespread and fundamental problems facing our State Government in New York," said Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox. "Harry is uniquely qualified for this position, given his personal, professional, and public service experience to date. Moreover, the unelected DiNapoli has continued to serve as Sheldon Silver's lap dog and done nothing to stop Democrats in Albany from bankrupting the state."

"My Democrat opponent is the wholly-owned candidate of State Street, not Main Street," said newly nominated candidate for Comptroller, Harry Wilson. "The legislature wanted a lapdog, not a watchdog, and boy did they get one."

To learn more about Harry Wilson, please visit his official candidate website at

DiNapoli endorsed by NYC firefighters


New York, NY – New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli announced the endorsement of the New York City Uniformed Fire Officers Association, Local 854, I.A.F.F.

Captain Al Hagan, President of the NYC UFOA, said, “Tom DiNapoli has the energy, independence and work-ethic needed to get the job done. He makes the tough calls in order to protect taxpayers and help build a more secure financial future for New York State. Tom is a hard-working guy who doesn’t forget his middle class roots, and he knows that every dime counts - especially when they’re taxpayer dimes - so we trust him to do what’s right for New York’s working families.”

Speaking about his latest endorsement, DiNapoli said, “This big show of support is especially important to me, having grown up in a union household, so I understand the hopes of working families. The members of the New York City Uniformed Fire Officers Association put their lives on the line to help protect all of us, and they deserve our thanks for doing a terrific job. I’ll be straight with them and all New Yorkers about our state’s finances and will make sure public resources are used solely for the public good. New Yorkers deserve a Comptroller who works as hard as they do, and I’ll continue to do just that. It’s your money, and it’s my job to protect it.”
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Hawkins says it's good economics to revitalize the public sector, slams Cuomo's and Republican's austerity budgets


Howie Hawkins for Governor
Green Party

Syracuse NY - Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, said today that today that he was the only candidate for New York State this year standing up for average working New Yorkers, not Wall Street special interests.

Hawkins pledged to rebuild upstate cities such as Syracuse, starting with making the state comply with the revenue sharing law that was enacted by Governor Rockefeller. "It is time to deliver on the promises we hear each election cycle about how our Albany lawmakers are going to provide living wage jobs, credit and capital for business expansion, affordable housing, and better schools for our upstate communities," said Hawkins, who recently became a homeowner in Syracuse.

Hawkins said that under Cuomo, the Democrats were offering New Yorkers a "big bankers' economic agenda," including a government spending cap and freezing pay for state workers while protecting big Wall Street financial institutions and wealthy campaign contributors from any tax hikes. Hawkins also faulted Cuomo for hardly touching the environment in his recently released 250-page campaign platform. Cuomo, for instance, fails to support a ban on hydrofracking for natural gas or to call for the shut down of the state's nuclear plants.

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Republican Party launches response, website, to Democrats' nomination of Cuomo for governor


Westchester, New York...May 27, 2010 - At a press conference today as part of the party's rapid response operation outside the Democratic State Convention, the New York State Republican Party and its Chairman Ed Cox launched a website devoted to informing New Yorkers about the reasons why electing Andrew Cuomo would cause irreversible harm to Empire State, its government, economy, job market, and our hard-working families. The State Republican Party and its new website,, cite Cuomo's recent attempt to reinvent his political persona entirely, Cuomo's failure as self-styled "Sheriff of Albany," and the shortcomings of Cuomo's character and ethics. It will also call into question Cuomo's decision-making and highlight his poor judgment while at H.U.D and as State Attorney General.

"Find me a single New Yorker who believes that Andrew Cuomo will lower our taxes and reduce state government spending, and I've got a bridge I'd like to sell him," said State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox. "It's clear why Andrew Cuomo stayed silent for so long these last several months; it's because he was busy trying to reinvent himself in an effort to dupe New Yorkers into thinking he is anything but the liberal stalwart he has always been. From property taxes to pension reform, Cuomo has come out of the gates hoping no one will notice the reforms he's espousing are based upon Republican policies and principles, which only the Republican Party has advocated and governed by for decades.

"I credit Cuomo for recognizing that, only by adhering to these Republican Party principles can our state government turn New York around, and reverse the downward spiral set in motion by the Democrats' one-party rule in Albany. The fact is, however, only Republican candidates, whose DNA contains the very conservative principles Cuomo now claims to advocate, can legislate effectively by cutting taxes and reducing spending, because only Republicans have experience governing in this vein, and the support of our fellow party-members in the legislature. Andrew Cuomo has never showed the stomach or the fortitude to cross his party by effectuating policies that are the antithesis of the Democrats' principles of governance. Similarly, Cuomo has made it clear to his Democrat colleagues, with a wink and a nod, while he's reciting these Republican policy proposals, that, if elected, he promises to perpetuate the same tax and spend, fee-raising budget policies enacted by his predecessors Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson. A leopard doesn't change its stripes, and New Yorkers will see through the ruse."

The fact is, an Andrew Cuomo Administration would be a direct extension of the same failed policies and fiscal mismanagement that have plagued New York State during Spitzer and Paterson's terms. After all, Andrew Cuomo is a direct descendent of his Democrat predecessors in the Governor's office, and is from the same mold as Eliot Spitzer, Alan Hevesi, and David Paterson. Ironically, the litany of problems facing New York and its government, as recited by Cuomo during his campaign kickoff, was a direct indictment of Cuomo's own party - the Democrats - who are in control of every aspect of state government and poised to coronate Cuomo later today as next in their line-of-succession.

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