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Community Leaders and Elected Officials Come Together to Defend Mantello’s Record Against Opponent’s Attacks


TROY - “I drove 5 hours, one way, to stand here on behalf of dozens and dozens of elected officials and community leaders to support Carmella Mantello and her stellar record as Director of the New York State Canal Corporation,” Michael Tucker, Mayor of Lockport said today at a rally for the Troy Mayoral Candidate.

“It is sad that her opponent would resort to bold face lies about her record when everyone in the State of New York who has ever worked with her knows it is completely false,” he continued.

Tucker was joined by a group of leaders including: County Executive, Kathy Jimino; current Mayor of Troy, Harry Tutunjian; New York State Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin; and Mayor Bert Mahoney of Waterford. Also submitted were dozens upon dozens of other statements of support from community leaders across New York State in support of Mantello and her record of experience and accomplishment.

A visibly moved Mantello said she was humbled by the outpouring of support and thanked her many colleagues from over the years for rallying to her defense.

“I am humbled by all of the statements that I have received over the last week. I am proud of my record as Director of the New York State Canal Corporation and Executive Director of the Hudson River Valley Greenway. My opponent’s feeble attempt to defame my record will not stand with the people who I have worked with and the people of Troy certainly will not stand for it as well,” Mantello said.

Following are the actual statements submitted by the community leaders:

“I had the pleasure of working with Carmella Mantello during her entire tenure at the NY State Canal Corp. She knows what it takes to work across all levels of government for the good of all communities. Here in Waterford we have realized the potential of the canal system for economic growth in our village and are thankful for Carmella’s hard work in promoting the true economic engine of the NY State Canal System. I know Carmella will make a great Mayor and wish her well.” Bert Mahoney, R-Mayor Village of Waterford, Saratoga County

“Carmella’s record of building stronger waterfront communities across New York will be a great asset for the City of Troy, when she becomes Mayor. Her passion and love for our great City coupled with her plan for keeping Troy on the right track is exactly who I want t pass the torch to.” Harry Tutunjian, R-Mayor of Troy

“Carmella Mantello has a strong record of accomplishment that is a testament to the leadership and management skills she has shown throughout her career and that makes her the right choice to be our next Mayor of Troy. I am certain once elected she will do a great job on behalf of the residents of Troy tackling the issues head on to ensure an even safer, and economically stronger Troy.” Kathy Jimino, R-Rensselaer County Executive

“I appointed Carmella to serve as both the Executive Director of the Hudson River Valley Greenway and Director of the New York State Canal Corporation because of her reputation as hard worker, skilled leader and ability to bring people together to work toward a common goal. She never disappointed. I am proud of the work she did on my behalf for the State of New York, I'm proud to call her my friend, and I'll be proud to call her Mayor." Former New York State Governor George E. Pataki

"As a former Lieutenant Governor, I am proud to support Carmella Mantello in her bid to be Troy's next Mayor. I worked with Carmella in her position(s) as Director of both the Canal Corporation and the Hudson River Valley Greenway. Her record is unmatched and Troy will only benefit from her hard work and waterfront expertise." Former New York State Lieutenant Governor and Troy Native Mary Donohue

"As Onondaga County Executive, I proudly support Carmella Mantello for Troy Mayor. As Director of the Canal Corporation, she was a great partner for us, working hand in hand to ensure that our waterfront, especially the Syracuse Inner Harbor, was put on the path of revitalization." Joanie Mahoney, R-Onondaga County Executive

"Carmella's work as Director of the Canal Corporation was superb. She proudly represented this state under four Governors, both Republican and Democrat, and her ability, skill and leadership will make her a great Mayor for Troy." Maggie Brooks, R-Onondaga County Executive

"Over the years, Carmella provided exemplary leadership improving the canal way in Oneida County. Carmela Mantello was always there when called on and I know she will make a great Mayor for the City of Troy,” Tony Picente, R-Oneida County Executive

“I wholeheartedly support Carmella Mantello for Mayor of Troy. As Chairman of the Cayuga/Seneca Canalway Trail Association, I have had the privilege of working with Carmella on many occasions in her capacity as Director of the NYS Canal Corporation. I found her to be enthusiastic, attentive and supportive of our mission. She is a great “people” person, listener and hard worker who will provide the citizens of Troy with proven leadership and a friendly and cooperative spirit so much needed in our society today.” Vincent J. Scalise, Chairman Cayuga/Seneca Canalway Trail Association

“During her 5+ years as Director of the Canal Corporation Carmella proved to be a great hands-on advocate for the canal system and an excellent partner for NYS tourism initiatives. Any organization, public or private, that is lucky enough to gain the advantage of her management and leadership skills will be well served.” David Turner, Director Community Development, Tourism & Planning, Oswego County

“The Village of Lyons, a canal town located approximately half way between Rochester and Syracuse has received the benefit of Carmella’s professionalism and enthusiasm in promoting the New York State Erie Canalway across this great state of New York. Carmella has been instrumental in bringing this canal system to visitors from every corner of the world to see what the great state of New York has to offer. As Director, the responsibility for the maintenance, operation and tourist promotion of this historic corridor were her duties and she managed 524 miles with 100% vision as to the need to maintain this legacy for all of us. She worked with us in helping with NY Canal Grants which provided Lyons with canal parkland, dockage, landscaping. And economic promotion of the area surrounding our historic canal village. We are now realizing the benefits of the Canal from tourists as far away as Japan and, an added benefit we now have a significant place of local activity and socialism. Just this weekend we had pumpkin races on our canal.

“Carmella was always here for us when we had ideas and promotions for the Erie Canal. “NO” is not in her vocabulary when it is time to sit down and discuss proposals. Lyons urges the Troy residents to take advantage of this talented and dedicated public official and elect her Mayor in November.” Corrine Kleisle, R-Mayor, Village of Lyons, Wayne County

“As Mayor of North Tonawanda, I had the pleasure of working with Carmella in her capacity as Canal Corporation Director. She took a genuine interest in Canal communities like ours, and I know as Mayor of Troy, she will bring the same passion, work ethic and leadership to make Troy a better City.

“Carmella has the experience of working with Democrats and Republicans and getting results for the taxpayers. That is the kind of experience that people want and that makes her the best choice to be the next Mayor of Troy.” Robert G. Ortt R-Mayor, City of North Tonawanda, Niagara County

“As former Director of the NYS Canal Corporation, Carmella Mantello has always been a close partner with the Village of Phoenix as we identified our revitalization plans to her. Carmella made us realize even more, the critical role our canal system plays in the economic revitalization in our community and in the tourism industry all over Oswego County. Her knowledge and resourcefulness helped to obtain grants, which in turn created a new dynamic in our community along the Phoenix waterfront by increasing the utilization of our canals and waterways, which in turn has helped to change our business climate. Joint projects with Carmella's help allowed us to offer amenities, which in turn made a significant change to the revitalization of our historic village.”

“Carmella has always been very accessible and easy to speak with regarding the needs of our canal community. We are a much stronger and vibrant village because of our close relationship with her and her willingness to visit us and listen to what we had to say and then respond. Her exemplary level of service to the Office of NYS Canal Director and our community of which I speak for is a testament to the type of person she is a clear thinker and a good listener.” Tony Fratto, D-Mayor Village of Phoenix, Oswego County

“I was elected Supervisor of the Town of Whitehall for the 2 yr term 2010 and 2011. At that time Carmella was the Director of the NYS Canal Corp. There were several unresolved issues that concerned the Town of Whitehalls responsibility with the Park and pavilion, built by the Canal Corp. Carmella made three trips to Whitehall to settle these issues. She accomplished this with authority, finesse and complete understanding of the needs of the residents of the Town of Whitehall.

“I thank Carmella for the professional and authoritative way in which she resolved these issues. I have the utmost respect for Carmella and have no reservations that she would be an asset to the City of Troy and the Great City of Troy would only prosper under her leadership.” Richard “Geezer” W. Gordon Jr., D-Supervisor Town Of Whitehall, Washington County

“Carmella was a true advocate on behalf of the Village of Herkimer working tirelessly to assist the village in getting approval to move forward with the second phase of our Canal Port Project. Her ability to bring together all parties involved while focusing on the final goal truly demonstrates her leadership capabilities.” Dr. Mark Ainsworth, D-Mayor Village of Herkimer, Herkimer County

“The Village of Newark is the only Village in Wayne County that was founded because of the building of the Erie Canal. During the years that Carmella Mantello was the Director of the New York State Canal Corporation she visited or Village many times. Carmella is an excellent leader and motivator. There is no doubt that many of the improvements that were made at our Port of Newark was because of her guidance and enthusiasm with projects that improved our Port of Newark. Carmella always encouraged Communities to work together toward a common goal that would help promote our Communities and the Erie Canal.

“If ever there were any issues to do with the Canal System that affected your area Carmela would find a way to talk to you personally and in many cases make you a part of a conference call that allowed you to have up to date and accurate information. She had a way that always exhibited a totally upbeat and positive attitude that led the way of all that can be accomplished when we work toward a common goal. That common goal was to promote the wonderful resource we have in the Erie Canal.

“Through the leadership, assistance and guidance from Carmella and the NYS Canal Corporation Administration our Village was successful in our Greenway Grant Application that brought major improvements to our Port of Newark.

“When I first met Carmella I was amazed at her complete knowledge and understanding of the Erie Canal System and the importance of the Canal Trails and how our Community could benefit from this valuable resource. It was very easy to see that Carmella had a vision and a plan to help make the Erie Canal a valuable asset for our State.” Peter Blandino, R-Mayor Village of Newark, Wayne County

“I had the pleasure of working with Carmella during my last three terms as Mayor of the Village of Middleport. Her work ethics, enthusiasm and professional abilities were outstanding. Carmella was instrumental in helping Middleport complete several canal projects. I have been working on various canal oriented projects for the past twenty years and received more support and input under her tenure than with any other canal official. Her willingness to go the extra mile was very much appreciated.” Mayor Julia A. Maedl, R-Mayor Village of Middleport, Niagara County

“As the mayor of Pittsford, one of the first communities in New York to rediscover the Erie Canal, I fully appreciate the leadership Carmella Mantello exhibited as the director of the New York State Canal Corporation. Carmella brought effective management, seemingly unlimited energy, and a genuine passion to her position. Camella is one of those people who manages to be in five places at once, on time, and fully informed and prepared. Her "can do attitude" changed the culture of the Canal Corporation. Repeatedly I was impressed to see how her words actually translated into action, quick responses, and productive changes. For Carmella, no issue was too small, but she always kept the larger picture in her sights. She is a careful listener who quickly utilizes the information she gains. Although Carmella is an excellent manager, I am most impressed by the effects her contagious optimism and enthusiasm had on the people around her. Although I miss working with Carmella, I know she will be an outstanding leader for the city of Troy.” Robert Corby, D-Mayor Village of Pittsford, Monroe County

“During the development of the Western Erie Canal Alliance Carmella proved to be focused on all aspects of the Canal. From my area of economic development, her ability to connect the best people and assets of the Canal Corporation with the demands of a project, like the proposed multi modal site in Lyons, was critical. She learned Wayne County’s section of the Canal early on, from Macedon to Clyde, and was a champion for connecting the Canal with associated downtowns through both water based and land based projects.” Peg Churchill, Executive Director, Wayne County Economic Development/IDA

“Carmella will bring to the position of Mayor the same qualities and attributes that made her an outstanding Director of the NYS Canal Corporation - expertise, dedication, ability to work with people, work ethic and a vision of what could be, which, when combined, made good things happen. That happened in Palmyra and it will in Troy.” Vicky Daly, D-Mayor of Palmyra, Wayne County

"As the New York State Canal Director, Carmella was instrumental in helping the Village of Baldwinsville maximize its waterfront assets. She not only recognized the importance of the canal she supported activities that had significant economic impacts on our community".

"As the New York State Canal Director, Carmella always took the time to acquaint herself with the needs of the Village of Baldwinsville. She provided us with ideas and concepts that helped our community continue with its waterfront revitalization". Joe Saraceni, Village of Baldwinsville, Onondaga County

“Carmella has the leadership, vision and energy to make things happen. As director of the NYS Canal Corporation, she was able to elevate the profile of this historic waterway to international levels, taking small communities like Fairport along. She was always accessible, forever supportive --- she was our ambassador and partner.” Kal Wysokowski, Executive Director Fairport Office of Community and Economic Development IDA, Monroe County

"Carmella can best be described as a dedicated great professional. My involvement with the NYS Canal Corporation continues, but it just isn't the same without her. She has passion in what she does and will make a great leader for the City of Troy." Peter Same, D-Town Supervisor Town of Seneca Falls, Cayuga County

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I endorse the candidacy of Carmella Mantello for Mayor of the City of Troy. I have interacted with Carmella on numerous occasions during her tenure as Executive Director of the NYS Canal Corporation. Lysander is three quarters surrounded by the Seneca River/Barge Canal and is home to a regional Canal Corporation maintenance facility. I must say what a pleasure it has been working with Director Mantello. During my 16 years in office I have not often seen the levels of energy and enthusiasm in a Public Official that I have seen in Carmella. She has always responded promptly, and been most helpful, whenever I have requested her assistance. The citizens of Troy would be well served by Carmella Mantello as Mayor. I would most assuredly vote for her if I could.” Barry Bullis, Supervisor, R-Town of Lysander, Onondaga County

“As Director of the New York State Canal Corporation, Carmella Mantello exhibited great leadership in creating economic development opportunities for riverfront communities during a time of great uncertainty. By fostering partnerships and collaborative thinking Carmella displayed her ability to attack a problem head on and solve it to the benefit of all. Carmella Mantello’s great leadership, her problem solving ability, personal value system and commitment to public service are all attributes that are desperately needed during these turbulent times. These are just a few of the qualities that will make Carmella Mantello an outstanding Mayor for the City of Troy.” Bill Peck, R-Supervisor Town of Northumberland, Saratoga County

"It's been a pleasure to work with Carmella. She has a deep understanding of how important waterfront revitalization is to a community, and she has the leadership, vision, and experience to move projects forward and get results." Mayor Frederick "Fritz" Mayor R-Village of Fairport, Monroe County

"I am honored to support Carmella Mantello as she works to become Troy's next Mayor. Carmella's passion and vision for the City of Troy, coupled with her experience as the Canal Director make her the best choice and I look forward to continuing to work with her once she's elected." Anthony Sylvester, D-Mayor of Mechanicville, Saratoga County

“No one knows partnerships like Carmella Mantello. The combination of her strong leadership and her desire and ability to forge and continue partnerships is one of the key reasons she has been so successful. From one-on-one partnerships to large-scale regional projects, Carmella knows what it takes to get the job done!“ Mary Gulino, Former Executive Director of the Hudson River Valley Greenway

“Carmella was instrumental in helping the Town of Pittsford move forward on an important Erie Canal Trail Re-Alignment Project involving the Canal Corporation, the NYSDOT and the Town of Pittsford,” Carpenter says. “The result was a wonderfully revitalized section of the canal trail which greatly improved upon accessibility, safety and convenience for neighbors and canal trail enthusiasts alike. It’s an example of Carmella’s responsive and inclusive problem-solving ability, which allows her to bring groups together and accomplish the task at hand.” Bill Carpenter, R-Supervisor, Town of Pittsford

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Blogger Robert said...

“It is sad that her opponent would resort to bold face lies about her record when everyone in the State of New York who has ever worked with her knows it is completely false,” he continued.

Lou never said nothing about Carmella's Record here we go again they write this Major Article and in the first paragraph have to get there jabs in.
Did you notice that 80% of these people are from the Republican Party Imagine That ??
I am sure that they got into there State Paid for Cars & SUVs gas & food paid for by NYS Tax payers!
Any one for Tennis ??

October 29, 2011 at 7:39 AM 
Blogger Robert said...

Carmella's Camp have the Bunker mentality this is business as usual do you think for one minute that all of these people want to loose traction on there power trip!
My friends all say that the people in Troy know whats going on.
I hope so as winter aproches & the cold sets in I would think a Cold war looms over the City of Troy like a dark shadow Republican Rain Maybe??

October 30, 2011 at 8:48 AM 
Blogger tc1721 said...

The truth is out there. No one who came to her defense said anything about her fiscal responsibility. The article had quoted a dozen people. Why don't she just answer the charge instead of telling more lies by responding that they are all lies?

November 1, 2011 at 4:55 AM 
Blogger Robert said...

Just send all those Dirty republicans packing The people on Lou's new Palm card are all new fresh faces & wont be bought or intimidated by the like's of Harry, Casale's=Brunos=Mirch=Republican Rule.
Bob Mirch set the Tone for the Downfall of this Tyrannical Rule of Troy By Republican Intimidation.

These Republicans are all clones & are linked up like the Borg on Star Trek!

November 7, 2011 at 9:23 AM 

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