Monday, June 14, 2010

Independence Party nominates Cuomo for governor


June 5, 2010 -Today, the members Independence Party voted overwhelmingly to nominate Andrew Cuomo and Robert Duffy for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Last month, the party’s executive committee voted unanimously to back Cuomo.

“I think the principles that founded the Independence Party are absolutely timely in this election because reform must come from the people. This is going to be a different kind of campaign. It’s not going to be about me -- it’s going to be about we. It’s not going to be about winning an election in November but about changing the direction of the state in January. We are going to build a citizen coalition of support for our agenda comprised of New Yorkers from all across the state who will demand change from their elected officials. I deeply appreciate the Independence Party’s support and look forward to working with them to build support for our agenda for reform,” Andrew Cuomo said.

“I thank the Independence Party for their nomination and deeply appreciate their support for our campaign for reform. As Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo has taken on the tough fights without regard for party or politics and shown New Yorkers that government can work for the people. During this campaign, we are going to breakdown the party barriers that have divided us and build broad support for a key set of reforms to clean up the ethical mess in Albany, get our fiscal house in order so we can create jobs and get control of property taxes that are squeezing families across the state,’ Robert Duffy added.

Cuomo stressed that many of the reforms detailed in his New NY Agenda including reducing the electoral advantages of incumbency and restoring fiscal responsibility to the state budget process are key planks of the Independence Party platform.


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