Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Murphy criticizes Gibson on health care in NY race

By Beth Fouhy
The Associated Press

ALBANY — At least one House Democrat is embracing his vote in favor of health care reform and chiding his Republican opponent for seeking to repeal it.

Freshman New York Rep. Scott Murphy is up with a new campaign ad promoting the benefits of the controversial health care law. Murphy says his GOP rival, Chris Gibson, wants to return to the days when insurance companies could deny coverage based on pre-existing health conditions and set lifetime limits on coverage.

Gibson wants to repeal the law and has run television ads pledging to do so. Polls show Murphy and Gibson in a tight contest.

Many House Democrats across the country who supported the health care bill have had to defend themselves against a barrage of negative advertising and continued voter skepticism.

Republicans and outside groups like the 60-Plus Association have run ads criticizing Murphy’s vote.


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