Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NYS-PAC endorses Rice for attorney general


, NY (08/16/2010)(readMedia)-- NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas reports that "the National Organization for Women-NYS PAC is proud to endorse Kathleen Rice (D) for NYS Attorney General. As Nassau County District Attorney, Rice displayed what feminists consider a stellar record in the fight for equality."

And the pride is mutual. Rice herself remarks: "I'm honored and humbled by the support NOW and its members have shown my campaign. I look forward to NOW playing an important role in our grassroots get-out-the-vote strategy over the next month. I am Long Island's first woman DA, and with NOW's help, I'm confident we will make similar history with this office at the state level. As Attorney General, I look forward to working with NOW to clean up Albany, to protect children and families, and to fight for our reproductive rights and for gender and pay equity in our communities."

In 2005 Ms. Rice's first bid for public office challenged a thirty-two year, anti-choice Republican incumbent. With Rice's victory, the pro-choice and women's rights community breathed a collective sigh of relief, knowing Rice would uphold the right to safe, legal abortion.

Under Kathleen Rice's leadership, the office of NYS Attorney General will expand its Civil Rights Bureau by adding:

1. deputy bureau chiefs for housing discrimination, employment discrimination, discrimination in schools, and LGBT issues

2. a statewide Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Compliance officer, overseeing and conducting analyses of NY government hiring practices

3. a coordinator of the Disability Rights Project-responsible for not only legal efforts, but also regular outreach to the disability community

4. a semi-annual auditing of state recognition of out-of-state and out-of-country gay marriages by a LGBT point person in OAG to ensure rights are protected

5. a review of state Stop and Frisk policies

6. an expanded Reproductive Rights Unit

Pappas concludes that "if elected, Kathleen Rice will be the first-ever female NYS Attorney General. and we are proud to be a part of that historical moment. NOW-NYS-PAC urges members and supporters to go to the polls on Primary Day, September 14th , 2010 to vote for Kathleen Rice ."

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Blogger Welsarth said...

And I do too!

I have to apologize to the people of the State of NY; I've been biting my tongue, fearful that if I write what I truly think of Attorney Schniederman it will lead to Anna Lewis's defeat.
There are 2 BIG secrets in NYS. The one that is the least kept BIG secret is that Prime Minister Sheldon Silver is a Personal Injury Lawyer and he refuses to bring tort reform before the Assembly floor.
The second AND THE ABSOLUTELY BEST KEPT SECRET IS THAT THERE ARE 20 MEMBERS OF THE NYS BAR, 19 PRACTICING LAW IN THE NEW YORK STATE SENATE! If you had 20 farm owners (Ag still the biggest industry in NYS), 20 doctors or 20 Commercial Fisherman in the Senate you would say there is something fishy going on in NYS government. Instead we have those that live off the law practicing the law. We don't have a government for the people; buy the people, of the people. We have a government for the attorneys; buy the attorneys of the attorneys.
Do you honestly think that if Silver were replaced by a non-attorney that allowed tort reform on the assembly floor that tort reform with 19 attorneys practicing law, some from some pretty hefty size law firms, that tort reform is going to break committee in the Senate.
It's Schneiderman that has shot himself in the foot here, for he has shown his hand. No one seeking the office of Attorney General should be showing favoritism toward one candidate or another. It shows just what kind of Attorney General we will be electing. Do you think if he suspects wrong doing he will go after Espaillat, his 18 former fellow members of the NYS Bar or will he put that folder on the bottom? Why isn't there an indictment against State Senator George Winner (attorney George Winner)? Do you think another attorney in the Senate or Assembly will be prosecuted by State Senator-attorney Eric Schneiderman if he is elected Attorney General? I think not, like State Senator George Winner, they will be allowed to quietly retire, pardoned not by the Governor, not denied their $80,000 pension,never forced to give any money back to NYS, instead pardoned by Eric Schneiderman, AG!

The NYS bar already controls the assembly with Prime Minister Sheldon Silver at the helm, 20 seats in the Senate, now, if elected, one of those elite 20 is going to be AG!
Schneiderman is the last person we want to elect as AG and because of conflict of interest issues as a partner in the Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Law Firm; he should never have been elected to the state senate in the first place.
Eric Schneiderman needs to stop endorsing members of the "Good Ol' Boys Club", go back to practicing law at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart and we need Anna Lewis because she is the complete opposite of the coin of her of the 19 practicing attorneys, to be elected to the NYS Senate

Schneiderman and Lewis are not colleagues; they are very much rivals and travel in very different circles, that’s why it may not be the end of the World, but she has to be one of the newly elected (no conflict of interest) members of the 2011 NYS Senate.

It burns me that Schneiderman is giving and receiving all of the endorsements, when he should be slithering back under a rock at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart

September 6, 2010 at 10:53 PM 

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