Friday, October 8, 2010

Gibson Campaign Announces the Farmers for Gibson Coalition at Hanehan Family Dairy Farm


Stillwater, NY – Republican/Conservative Congressional candidate Chris Gibson announced the formation of a Farmers for Gibson Coalition at the Hanehan Dairy Farm today. Hanehan Dairy Farm is a 3rd generation dairy farm established in 1946. The Hanehan family has been farming for longer than that on neighboring properties in the Town of Saratoga for five generations.

Joining Gibson to announce the Farmers for Gibson Coalition was Assemblyman Tony Jordan, Agricultural Advisor to the campaign’s coalition, Mike Bittel, and dairy producer and host, Charlie Hanehan. The Farmers for Gibson Coalition will help promote the candidate’s farm-friendly policies and act as an advisory group to Chris Gibson on agricultural issues.

“Protecting family farms and ensuring that we continue our strong agricultural tradition in the region is one of my campaign’s priorities. We have a proud tradition of farming; it is part of the engine of our local economy and an important food source. These farms also have environmental benefits, but today this way of life is under threat as are many small and family businesses. Policies such as Cap and Trade, which my opponent, Scott Murphy, voted for, disproportionately affect farmers because farming is an energy intensive industry. The inheritance tax threatens the ability for some families to pass down their farms to the next generation and when Congress adjourned without voting to stop the impeding tax hikes due in January, it left all business without the ability to plan ahead. This is why we must vote for new leaders in Congress,” said Gibson.

Assemblyman Jordan said, “I have been with Chris many, many times in the last six months, and he always impresses me with his knowledge and understanding of the issues and challenges facing those living in the district. He is the right person to represent the people of this district. Chris understands the importance that farming plays in our regional economy."

“We are proud to support a candidate like Chris Gibson,” noted Mike Bittel, an Agricultural Advisor to the Farmers for Gibson Coalition. “We knew Chris was a smart and compassionate man because he had a PhD in government and fought for our country, but when he met with the agricultural community he demonstrated a knowledge, interest and genuine appreciation for the family farm that went beyond most officials. He is deeply committed to advocating policies that benefit our industry and the region in general. It will be a pleasure to work with Chris to promote farm-friendly policies.”

Charlie Hanehan said, “My family has been farming here for five generations and we hope to continue for generations to come. But farming is facing new challenges and over the past decade many family farms found it impossible to continue and have retired their farms to developers. It is very important that we have a representative who understands farming and will stand with us in Washington, not only on farm specific issues, but the broader issues challenging our country and its future too. Meeting Chris Gibson has given me the confidence that we will have a representative who will actually walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk.”


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