Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gibson nearly doubles Murphy campaign in voter petitions, Democrats disagree


Kinderhook, NY – The enthusiasm for Chris Gibson's candidacy for Congress was further highlighted by voter petitions filed last week. Gibson’s campaign filed a hefty 17,000 plus petitions collected by an entirely district-based volunteer team.

In contrast, Congressman Murphy’s 8,876 petitions were surprisingly low for an incumbent Congressman. As the campaigns were able to review each other’s petitions filed with the State Board of Elections, it became evident that the Murphy campaign was forced to import workers from outside the district and most likely had to pay them in order to meet its goals.

“We have the most motivated volunteers,” said Patrick Ziegler, Gibson’s campaign manager. “People have been attracted to Chris’ campaign because they have had it with Washington insiders not listening to those in the district. Unlike our opponent, who may have hired canvassers and professional notaries from outside the district, we collected almost twice as many petitions with a committed army of volunteers who believe in Chris Gibson.”

“If we take all those who signed our petitions, we would fill the Times Union Center,” notes Ziegler.

A review of Murphy’s filing showed that of the 192 Working Families Party petitions collected, half were collected by notaries from outside the district. 900 of Murphy’s Independence Party signatures were collected by workers from outside the district. Murphy even relied on a canvasser who is employed by the Data Field Services (DFS) division of the pro-ACORN Working Families Party. DFS is under investigation by the Federal government and is being watched by New York’s City Board of Elections.

“There is a clear difference between these two campaigns. We believe in reducing spending and building up the private sector, Scott Murphy, as evidenced by his voting record, believes that increasing the size and scope of government is the answer. Simply put, this is why we were able to collect twice as many petitions and out raise the incumbent Congressman in our first full quarter,” Ziegler said.

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Rensselaer County Democratic Chairman Tom Wade:

"The press release fails to mention that Gibson filed Conservative Party petitions while Murphy did not, accounting for thousands of signatures in the Republican's column which Murphy declined to seek. Gibson also filed thousands of signatures on Independence Party petitions which were invalidated. I have been told these two sets of designating petitions amount to over 8,000 signatures.

Combine these factors with the overwhelming number of Republicans in the 20th Congressional district (more than 70,000 over the Democratic Party membership) and you will easily see the myth in Gibson's press release. Proportionately, Gibson's showing with signatures is weaker than Murphy's."


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