Monday, July 6, 2009

Mechanicville Dems pick their slate

The Mechanicville Democrats have endorsed incumbent Mayor Anthony Sylvester in his bid for a second two-year term.
“I want to continue the work we’ve been doing. Getting grants and improving the city’s look and infrastructure.” said the mayor. “I’m having fun. I enjoy the job.”
He points to a $1.2 million grant to fix the sewer line and money to fix up Rte. 67, a gateway into the city and an ongoing study to improve the look and infrastructure of Central Avenue. Also, the city got a $236,000 grant to improve the boat dock.
Looking ahead he said the city “needs to be the downtown for AMD.
“We need to be the cash register,” he said. “We want people to come enjoy the restaurants and boutiques and the more they spend the more sales tax we get.”
His opponent for the $9,000 a year job is Daniel Mark Pickett, who Sylvester called a “friend for years.”
To read about the GOP slate click here.The Democrats also endorsed Timothy Hipwell for commissioner of public safety, David Higgins for commissioner of public works and Peter Chauvin as commissioner of finance.
“Our candidates will provide the residents of Mechanicville continued leadership in community revitalization, fiscal responsibility and public services,” said party Chairwoman Susan Peluso.
Republicans are backing Kevin Roberts for commissioner of public safety, Michael Coleman for commissioner of public works and Michelle Duell for commissioner of finance.
Each of the positions carries a four year term.



Blogger colmic said...

The $236.000 that Mayor Sylvester talks about is a matching fund grant.That means the taxpayers of the City will have to come up with the cash or some acceptable formula of inkind services.Total cost $472.000.The plan being discussed will call for restrooms and showers to be built to facalitate the river travlers.The dock was recently improved by New York State and the taxpayers provide FREE,WATER,ELECTRICITY,SEWER and GARBAGE DISPOSAL for anyone that desires these services.STOP the bleeding of taxpayers hard earned dollars to line the pockets of the Supervisors favorite engineering firm in return for Political Donations."I'm having fun.I enjoy the job." The Mayor says, as he spends someone eleses money.As for the $1.2 million to fix the sewer line this was manditory from DEC and the City was under orders to make the repairs or face thousands in fines.The good taxpayers of the State of New York granted the City the $1.2 million not the Mayor so stop taking credit and start giving thanks.

July 8, 2009 at 6:13 PM 

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