Tuesday, June 16, 2009

County-wide candidates for 2009

Below are the lists of Democrats and Republicans running for local county positions in the upcoming election this November.


County Court Judge – Charles Wilcox

Family Court Judge – Arthur Dunn

County Clerk – Frank Merola

County Executive – Kathleen Jimino

County Legislature:

District 1:

Neil Kelleher

Catherine Vandenburgh

James Brearton

Bob Mirch

John J. Mahoney, Jr.

Michael (Pickles) Picarillo

District 2:

Leon Fiacco

Philip Danaher

Louis Desso

Michael Cristo, Jr.

District 3:

Thomas Walsh, Sr.

Kenneth Herrington

Richard Salisbury

District 4:

Alexander A. Shannon

Judith M. Breselor

Martin T. Reid

District 5:

Stanley J. Brownell

Lester E. Goodermote

District 6:

Michael Stammel

City Council:

At Large: Henry Bauer, Stephen Miner, Keith Rogers

District 1: James Gordon

District 2: Mark McGrath

District 3: Dean Bodnar

District 4: Nicholas Hepler

District 5:

District 6: Jason Schofield


County Court Judge – Andrew Ceresia

Family Court Judge – Richard Hanft (Beth Walsh looking to primary Hanft for position)

County Clerk – none

County Executive – none

County Legislature:

District 1:

Kathleen Ryan Cassidy

Mark J. Fleming

Peter D. Grimm

Edward F. Manny

Louis A. Rosamilia

Peter J. Ryan, Sr.

- City Democratic Chairman Frank LaPosta and fellow committee member Dan Doran, both former city councilmen, have also announced their plans to run for the Legislature on the Democratic line. If they can acquire enough signatures to run on the ballot, it would force an eight-way primary between Democrats this fall.

District 2:

Keith A. Hammond

W. Kevin Harrington

Philip J. Malone

Brian S. Zweig

District 3:

James J. Brearton

Nancy H. Herrington

William W. McGreevy, Jr.

District 4:

Flora Fasoldt

Linda L. Underwood

Norman S. Young, Jr.

District 5:

Robert M. Melesky

William H. Nugent

District 6:

John M. Mooney

City Council:

At Large: Clement Campana, John Brown, Michael LoPorto

District 1: Kevin McGrath

District 2: Robert Martiniano

District 3: Richard Hoffmeister

District 4: Bill Dunne

District 5: Ken Zalewski

District 6: Gary Galuski


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