Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Democrats for council announced

TROY – The city’s Democratic Committee formally announced their list of candidates for City Council Wednesday which included five incumbents and four political newcomers.

City Democratic Chairman Frank LaPosta said that candidates for the legislative body this November will include incumbents Clement Campana and John Brown along with local restaurant owner Michael LoPorto for the council’s At-Large seats.

Candidates for the city districts are as follows: District 1: Kevin McGrath, District 2: Robert Martiniano, District 3: Richard Hoffmeister, District 4: Bill Dunne, District 5: Ken Zalewski, District 6: Gary Gaulski.

Dunne, Zalewski and Galuski are incumbents.

“It’s a good slate of candidates that are extremely competent and interested in moving the city forward,” said LaPosta.

While Republicans have not yet announced their full slate of candidates for the council, Steve Miner, Keith Rogers, and incumbent Henry Bauer have been announced as At-Large candidates, along with Jim Gordon as a candidate to represent District 1 in Lansingburgh.

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