Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grimm's tax relief plan

TROY – Rensselaer County Legislator Peter Grimm, a Democrat, released his tax relief plan earlier this month with the hope of easing the high county tax burden on city residents if re-elected.

“The county tax levy has skyrocketed over 100 percent in seven years,” said Grimm. “That’s unacceptable. Taxpayers need relief and my plan offers that.”

Grimm’s plan would use the Republican Legislative majority’s $800,000 “pork” fund to reduce property taxes, roll back the legislative pay raises that were past just after the 2005 election, institute a hiring freeze for the county work force, increase revenues and create jobs with a dedicated fund to boost tourism, and make government more efficient and save taxpayers money by ending “Dark Ages” technology practices.

He also noted that in 2002, the county tax levy was $26.7 million, compared to the current levy of $54.5 million.

“The ‘pork fund’ was originally a small fund established for improvements to the county legislature’s chamber,” said Grimm. “It has now grown into something else that circumvents the approval process and harms taxpayers.”

“The legislative pay raises were enacted just after the election and the electorate was kept in the dark about it prior to the election. That’s wrong and that raise should be rescinded,” he continued.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got two words for you BURNPLANT.The Troy transfer maves about 20 plus millon a year,So what do you think a burnplant will do about 30 or 40,And that would mean no taxes at all..

February 16, 2010 at 2:47 PM 

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