Saturday, October 31, 2009

PBA and UFA endorsements

TROY – The city’s police and fire unions have released their endorsements for City Council candidates in the upcoming general election.

The Police Benevolent Association and the Troy Uniformed Firefighters Association have endorsed Democrats across the board with the exception of Republican Mark McGrath to represent District 2.

The remaining endorsements include Clement Campana, John Brown, and Michael LoPorto for the At-Large seats, Kevin McGrath in District 1, Richard Hoffmeister in District 3, Bill Dunne in District 4, Ken Zalewski in District 5, and Gary Galuski in District 6.

“We really looked at each candidate and each district individually and asked ‘who is committed to public safety and who is going to support smart policies that will help protect the people of the city,’” said PBA president Bob Fitzgerald. “Based on that, we made our choices accordingly.”

Dave Paul, president of the UFA, agreed with Fitzgerald.

“With limited resources in the city and a growing need for fire, ambulance, and police services, we are looking for council members who will work with us and come up with ways to provide the necessary public safety, but not continue to pass it on to the city taxpayer,” said Paul.

Fitzgerald noted that if the city doesn’t have clean, safe streets, it cannot have businesses open or people living downtown.

“We need a strong, working City Council to help the Police Department and the Fire Department do their jobs and we hope people are informed when they go into the voting booth,” said Fitzgerald.



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