Sunday, August 16, 2009

Galuski seeks re-election

TROY - An incumbent City Councilman will seek re-election this fall in an effort to help continue the city's revitalization.
Councilman Gary Galuski, D-District 6, a life-long Trojan, said that he was seeking re-election to continue to bring about the change necessary to revitalize Troy and provide the leadership and direction to secure the city's future.
Galuski, who noted his strong business background and history of community involvement, said he had fulfilled his pledge to district constituents by continuing to be a presence in all of the local neighborhoods while being visible, accessible, open, and responsive to their needs and concerns.
"As District 6 councilman, I remain committed to fighting for the interests of our East Side and South Troy neighborhoods to ensure their fair share of resources, funding and project inclusion needed to preserve neighborhood character, maintain property values, assure safety and security, and receive delivery of city services," said Galuski.
Galuski has been actively involved with and promoted participation in a number of area neighborhood groups and has served as their liaison with community police officers, Code Enforcement, Public Works, and a number of other city bureaus.
He believed his experience in government as a former city department supervisor and his people skills had helped forge a strong working relationship with city bureaucracy that was necessary to resolve constituent issues and protect the interests of the district.
Galuski also noted his belief that the lives of city families and the security of their property are of the highest concern to all city residents.
"I believe that the brave personnel that serve Troy are our greatest asset," said Galuski.
"Maintaining appropriate staffing and providing the tools, education and resources to continue the proud history and reputation of our police and fire departments are fundamental to those basic safety and security concerns," he continued. "Public safety will remain as the primary issue in my campaign to continue to represent District 6 on Troy's City Council."


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