Friday, July 31, 2009

Stammel seeks re-election

TROY – A Rensselaer County Legislator who currently represents the city of Rensselaer will seek re-election this fall in an effort to continue maintaining quality of life and revitalization efforts.

Legislator Mike Stammel, a Republican who represents District 6, said he was urged to seek another term in the office by residents from multiple political parties who appreciated his work in addressing constituent issues, working to stabilize county property taxes, supporting a county budget that did not raise the tax rate, and opposing tax and fee increases approved by the state Legislature.

Stammel serves as an assistant fire chief and has worked for years with Rensselaer’s volunteer fire department and ambulance service. He has also coached a number of youth sports, served as a board member of the Rensselaer Boys and Girls Club.

“I love Rensselaer. I have so many friends and family across the city, and I am honored to serve as a Rensselaer’s County Legislator,” said Stammel. “I am excited about the opportunities we have in Rensselaer and look forward to helping continue the revitalization of our city.”

“As county legislator, I have helped keep county taxes stable and protected needed services for seniors, veterans and youths,” he continued. “I have been there when residents need help, and I pledge to continue to be there when residents call.”

Stammel also noted that he worked around the clock to help assist residents and property owners, including damage to the Rensselaer Little League facility, during the 2008 flood

He has been recognized for his ongoing community service with the Donald Leahey Award from the Rensselaer Boys and Girls Club, along with a local government award from the Pelletier County Government Institute.

Additionally, Stammel currently serves as a representative on the Capital District Regional Planning Commission and on the Capital District Transportation Committee.


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